Grapikom Solutions, Inc., formerly Grapikom Web Design Services, is a software development and Information Technology solutions provider composed of industry experts that specialize in highly technical services that range from modern, browser-based web and mobile applications, to User Experience and User Interface design and development, integration digital platforms and data ecosystems and systems development.

Our recent addition to our competencies and expertise is aiding in the development, and in capacity building of Local Government Units (LGUs) in their mission to provide their constituents with citizen-centric, service-oriented, and transparent, eGovernance services. Universally labeled as the Smart City concept, academics at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid describe this as “a new paradigm for urban planning and management”, based on the intensive use of ICT, aimed at achieving better cities from a holistic perspective that encompasses social, economic, and environmental aspects.

Grapikom management team has a reputation built on over 15 years of trust, innovation, dedication and experience with clients in the USA, UK, UAE, China and the Philippines in terms of website design and development, application development and software customization. Since then, our team has been working with various clients across a range of sectors both locally and abroad.